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  • Founder of Droid Recordings and co-founder of Droid Behavior. I make noise and sometimes organize it in semi recognizable patterns.

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    • Sat, 8 May

      The Advent

      Drumcell, The Advent, Lucretio, A.Paul, W. Jeremy, DJ Dextro, Jerome Hill, Tom Mitchell, Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, The Fallen

    • Fri, 9 Apr

      [RESCHEDULED] Revive Festival 2020

      Jennifer Cardini, Drumcell, Perc, Rebekah, Regis, Joana, Zadig, Luis Flores, Ancient Methods, Orphx, Mukti, Gary Holldman, ANFS, Ansome, Umwelt, Endlec, Parallx, Bjarki, Vladimir Dubyshkin, Pact Infernal, Yellen, Hadone, Reverie, Eschaton, Belief Defect, MaL (1), Volruptus, OTHK, Subcode, Rosa Anschütz, MRTN., RIKHTER, Soho Rezanejad

    • Tue, 12 Jan

      Hyperspace Festival 2020

      Luke Vibert, Drumcell, Developer, Bloody Mary, J.Phlip, Thee-O, Nordic Soul, Inigo Kennedy, Richard Devine, Ben Annand, Posthuman, Max Gardner, Frankie Bones, Paul Birken, Lee K, Mojave, Stephen Disario, Aaron Jacobs, Kenny C