• Born and raised in a small town in Romania, near the border with Hungary, Dreamer aka Gabriel Crecan has his first encounter with electronic music around the age of 14 when he starts frequenting one of the last bastion of quality, somewhat underground..
    After the complete decline of this location, he begins roaming the country, going to every major club event and festival, slowly forming his own particular taste in music. Soon he develops a firm interest in the art of DJing and with the help of a good friend, Morris, an admired and very talented local DJ, he learns the basics. Finding the need to revive the scene in his hometown, alongside a group of enthusiastic friends, he plays at a few parties of the series under the 'inDUSTry' brand, organized by Morris, Mat, and Coxxo at club Lord's. Other gigs include playing at club Cuba and Heat Pub, alone or alongside DJ and producer, Adrianho. In 2005 Dreamer starts learning the basics of producing. He is constantly learning new techniques and trying to adapt them to his ideas, in hopes of creating music that transmits powerful feelings, music that moves the mind and the soul, in whatever means possible. His style is an unusual mixture of moody pads, melodic chords, deep basslines and clear percussion, resulting in a sort of techno that is the same, but different. His goal is to bring forth something new, deep, and mooving.