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  • Doron Eisenberg . Berlin based Dj and producer. The owner of “Legotek” records label and “Gordon”- cafe and record store. Eisenberg started his long career in Tel-Aviv’s late 90’s techno scene as a dj and as a party producer. In 2009 he began his ro..
    As the years passed, Eisenberg formed a varied, rhythmic, and moving musical repertoire. As he developed his direction in electronic music, he started to pursue new avenues. Eisenberg composed his personal vision on the influence of sound through the subconscious and sharpened his personal mixing technique to construct a musical atmosphere, or as he likes to call it: “The Psychology of Sound”. Eisenberg insists that a – “good DJ must create a deep and positive psychological connection with the audience and understand, together with the audience, what drives them in order to create something new. It’s equally as important to do this while maintaining a high level of technique and professionalism.” In 2004, Eisenberg started to produce while at the same time playing in underground parties throughout Israel. As he discovered what he truly liked in electronic music, he started surprising even himself with experimental unexpected tracks. In 2006, Eisenberg met Nir Ivenizki as they both studied Music together. It was their similar passion and musical vision that brought them together. They used their experiences in Israel and their similar cultural perceptions to form a unique way of promoting the electronic scene in Israel. In 2007, Eisenberg and Nir officially created the “Legotek Group” and produced their first event. It has been nothing but a success story ever since. Legotek developed the quality of their productions. Eisenberg has been performing in countless clubs throughout Israel, Germany, Italy and the states. Currently, Eisenberg resides in Berlin, where he owns a cafe/record store and continues working as a DJ as well as producing creative events, while maintaining a unique sound and high level of production.
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