Dont Wait Me



  • Not only a name, but also a philosophy of life.
    Over the years he has discovered himself: through reading, studying, working, changing lifestyles and mindset he understands that producing music to please others is not the right path to follow. He wants to make music in order to understand and to get to know himself. Behind all his productions there is a story told his own way, influenced by the world, people and life going on around him. He disappears and doesn’t make himself heard, he is in his thoughts, in his own world, his values, his music. He needs his space and time. Don’t wait for him.

    Selected discography

    Dont Wait Me - Subsoil (Original Mix) [Earthemia Records] Dont Wait Me - Poetryverse Four Elements EP [Earthemia Records] Sabba - Fallen (Dont Wait Me Remix) [Earthemia Records]