• Brussels based producer of Deep-house and House.
    Since 2000, starting out of DkA, several side-projects such as 'Brussels Pony Club', 'Comute' or 'Kelket' have already been realized, highly appreciated, signed and finally released by various labels such as Lift Your Head Up, Blank Slate or Paranoid Dancer. Beeing inspired by Hiphop-, 70’s Funk - and Jazz music, DkA tends to merge all this influences whilst maintaining a solid minimal tech and deep house feeling. For serveral years now, the belgian producer DkA is traveling all over Europe in order to perform in clubs such as Watergate, The Zoo Channel, Kater Holzig, Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke, Prince Charles, Badaboum, Machine du Moulin Rouge, Fuse, Labyrinth, Spartacus or Café d’Anvers. Recently, DkA released some several solo EPs on label such as Amselcom, Bruxsel Jardin Records, Play Label Records, Bade Records; several remixes on Sender, URSL, Raw Roots and he also presented a project achieved in collaboration with Igor Vicente on Mobilee Records, Get Physical and Hot Creations.

    Selected discography

    Originals: DkA & Jon Mosto - Savana (BRUXSEL JARDIN) DkA - Season of llife EP (AMSELCOM) DkA - Don't Move (Various Artists) (OOTO - OUT OF THE ORDINARY) DkA - El tango del Flores EP (KONZEPTIONS) Igor Vicente & DkA - Haus Boo EP (HOT CREATION) DkA & Roller Coaster (VOLTAGE MUSIQUE RECORDS) DkA - Smoke & Whiskey EP (PLAY LABEL RECORDS) DkA & Lee Davon - Loop EP (MY VISION) Igor Vicente & DkA - Open Myself EP (MOBILEE RECORDS) DkA - No Hope (AMSELCOM) Comute aka DkA & Icon Template - Various (PARANOID DANCER) DkA & Exon Bacon - Bassick EP (VOLTAGE MUSIQUE RECORDS) DkA - Mind Looped EP (BADE RECORDS) DkA - Minus One (AMSELCOM) DkA - Anneessens EP (BRUXSEL JARDIN RECORDS) DkA - Pamplemousse Bleu EP (PLAY LABEL RECORDS) Igor Vicente & DkA - Collapse EP (GET PHYSICAL MUSIC) Igor Vicente & DkA - G.E.A.C.K.S. EP (MOBILEE RECORDS) DkA - Ps I Love You EP (AMSELCOM) Comute aka DkA & Icon Template - Black Pressure (BLANK SLATE) DkA & Mz Sunday Luv - Shadow Dance / Take Dass (JOPREC) DkA - For My Lost One part I (NUTEK IBIZA) DkA - Pump This Party (BEEF RECORDS) Remixes: Solemn Eyes - Opia (DkA Remix) (DILATE RECORDS) David Dorads - Mexico (DkA Remix) (URSL) Radiothérapie - Downcycle (DkA Remix) (NEUZEIT) Dave Davis - Fantasy (DkA’s Drumconstruction Remix) (LAARK MUSIC) Pier Bucci - Wapping (DkA Remix) (SENDER RECORDS) Boidae & Nikk - Kibuku (DkA’s Techno Remix) (RAW ROOTS) Boss Axis - Continental (DkA Remix) (PLAY LABEL RECORDS) Rafael Castiglione - Open City (DkA Remix) (AMSELCOM) David Clément - Follow Me Home (DkA Remix) (AMSELCOM)