DJ Hexxen



  • Established London-based DJ specialising in Deep Techno, Dark Progressive Techno & Acid, Bass, Breaks, Oldskool House & Hardcore (91-93), Jungle (94 onwards). Strictly vinyl only.
    Alex began his electronic music journey during the student house parties of Manchester circa 1993/4. Picking up a pair of trusty Soundlab DLP3R direct-drive turntables, he quickly forged a reputation as a solid house music and "after-party vibe" DJ amongst the energetic student party scene. Frequenting events and venues such as the: Herbal Tea Party (New Ardri), Acid Rock (The Phoenix), Paradise Factory, Home (Ducie Street), The PSV and of course The Hacienda, it wasn't long before the "bug well and truly bit" by the time of return back to his native West London. By late 1996, Alex had started to frequent the newly-opened Kinetec Records electronic music emporium on the Goldhawk Road and was quickly appointed as Head Buyer by the then owner; Mark Harrington. During this time, Alex had already switched the Soundlabs for a pair of Technics 1210s and was starting to progress further into London's burgeoning freeparty techno and acid trance scene of the mid-90s. Switching the Tribal Records and Junior Boys Own for the Synewave and Axis, Alex started to evolve into a well-respected, techno DJ on London's thriving underground party movement. When a chance question came his way: "So, what's your DJ name anyway" from Mark in the Kinetec shop one day, back came the reply: "well, it's dark and hard, so I guess "Hexxen" sounds right" and from there on, DJ Hexxen was born. The next 10 years (1997 to 2007) ensued with a swathe of regular and guest appearances on London's pre-eminent freeparty events and sound systems such as: Kinetec (at the "414"), Aardvark Sound System, Shtonka, Underground Sounds, Manik, Freebass, Trancecentral (Tyssen Studios), Stinky Pink, Jiba, Malfaiteurs, Sonic, Pendulum, Recombination, Hibernation, Technosis, Dada and Autonoma Sound Systems (Poland), Chiba City, Tectonic, Re-Rave-All (Brixton "Mass"), Twisted, Deviance, Futurecorp, Altered States (Acid House room, "Heaven"), Void and Unknown Forces (with Dean Rodell) to name but a few. Since then DJ Hexxen has manned the decks across Europe from France, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Spain with his brand of uncompromising dark, progressive techno, acid and break-beat sounds. One solitary vinyl release ensued on Stay Up Forever Collective's vaunted Maximum Minimum imprint (2005) entitled "Peppermint 253" written with Ant Wilson (of Chicago Loop fame). Having squared-up with the likes of DJ ESP (Woody McBride), Top Buzz (Jason Kaye), 2 Bad Mice, Coldcut, Liberator DJs (Chris, Aaron & Julian), D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Jerome Hill, Lawrie Immersion, Mark EG, DJ Ant (Chicago Loop), DJ Zebedee, James Kinetec, Thermobee, and Dean Rodell, to name but a few, DJ Hexxen continues to resonate with the beating heart of the London Techno Underground.

    Selected discography

    Ant & DJ Hexxen - Peppermint 253 (Maximum Minimum/Stay Up Forever)