DJ Bus Replacement Service



  • "The Frank Sidebottom of techno"
    They say one person’s trash is another’s treasure – in the hands of DJ Bus Replacement Service, throwaways achieve transcendence. A fondness for left of the dial music that began quite literally taping Dr. Demento shows from the dials of AM radio as a child, D JBRS’ techniques have evolved to scour the murkiest corners of the web in search of music (loosely defined) that truly no other disque jockey on earth would come across, let alone have the gall to play out. These sonic scrapheap challenges have borne weird and wonderful fruit. Forged initially in April 2009 as Spannered Oddcast #8 and incubated in the twin crucibles of Chin Stroke Records and Bang Face, in late 2015 the live final form of DJ BRS emerged, resplendent in a supreme leader latex mask, to tackle clubs and festivals across Europe. The performances are a head-spinning rush of anything-goes assault, unashamedly toeing the line between serenity and stupidity to raise neck hairs, praise hands, and quizzical eyebrows in one. Rapid-fire left turns and smartypants sequencing conjure up Venn diagram crossover between spheres that should have no logical intersection whatsoever, bringing dancers to rapture in delight and awe of “eureka!” moments on the floor. The diligent work of DJ Bus Replacement Service offers empirical evidence you can not only polish turds, but make them positively glisten. Ignore the gospel at your peril.