Dimi Angelis



  • Dimi Angélis / Short Bio: It might sound like a cliché, but sticking to what you believe in really does pay off in the end. Dimi has been actively involved in the Dutch technoscene since the late nineties, his legendary raves at various locations s..
    When considering his status as beloved and respected member of the contemporary Amsterdam techno scene, it’s sometimes easy to forget Dimi Angélis was among the founding members of the very culture that helped shape it. Promoting illegal raves and warehouse parties and putting his first needle on a record back when “underground” was still a definable term, Dimi now holds well over a decade of international DJ-ing experience. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that this is directly reflected by his record collection, musical knowledge and technical ability which all easily match and in most cases surpass that of many. Such an extensive frame of reference enables Dimi to look at “techno” through a unique and highly personal lens. Well aware of the genre’s fluid boundaries, ever changing trends and the impact of continually developing technology, Dimi is able to elegantly step outside of the pre-determined fabric and in a sense mould its essential elements into something that feels familiar but upon more careful observation, or rather listening, is actually quite special. Putting personality and outspoken taste first, his DJ-sets are always remarkable and at no point predictable, more so because he does not believe in easy pleasing. Strongly opinionated and unafraid to speak on his thoughts, the records and flow incorporated in a Dimi Angélis set are equally straightforward and honest. What you see is in Dimi’s case really what you get, but it always comes wrapped in something appropriately unexpected. In 2003 he joined forces with good friend Jeroen Search and together they have since launched multiple successful projects including outstanding live-acts “Counterpart” and “A&S Live” as well as their own newly founded vinyl only imprint, “A&S”. Under the first mentioned guise of Counterpart they are responsible for lauded EP’s such as “Ion” 01 and 02 on the sub-label of Rachmad’s Scorp of the same name, “Oxygenating” and “The Next Level” on Audiosculpture and “The Martian Mystique” on Jeff Mills’s Mission (6277/Axis). More recently they have put out characteristic, quality techno on their own A&S, Balans, Stockholm LTD, Smallville, Figure SPC and Traut as simply Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search. 2014 sees the launch of ANGLS, Dimi’s first imprint, to release his own material. This will act as the platform where he can represent the throbbing, hypnotic sound of Dimi Angelis. Dimi’s list of played clubs and festivals is nothing short of respectably long and includes Awakenings, Kozzmozz, Tresor, Rex, Berghain, Suicide Circus, Le Moulin Rouge, Doornroosje, Paradiso, Dekmantel, Welcome to the Future, Free Your Mind, Rockit, Mysteryland, Club One, Stubnitz and even the late Innercity.

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