Dave The Hustler



  • Hailing from Switzerland's renowned underground club culture of the early 2000's, Dave's raw and sexy house and techno production style earned him the privilege of collaborating with some of dance music's most renowned artists.
    20 years is a long time in any art form, but with the dizzy forward push of modern club music, it seems especially long. Several times the career stamina of average talents, it's a good moment to reassess accomplishments, especially for someone whose past and present includes collaborations with some of the biggest names in dance music (Cassy, Felix daHousecat, Dachshund, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Miss Kittin...) Thus after 20 years of beat making and a family break, Dave The Hustler relaunches Paparazzi records in 2013, hosts a radio show and continues to shake dancefloors with his penchant for rough, raw house and techno beats. In 2016 joins forces with Dachshund and creates production duo VAlpen.

    Selected discography

    Releases 2017 : Dave The Hustler : Here and There EP (Clapper) 2016 : VAlpen : Bass the Pump EP (Clapper) 2015 : Dachshund : Suspension (Dave The Hustler remix) (Clapper records) 2015 : Olafson : Coco Light (Dave the Hustler remix) (Paparazzi records) 2013 : Evil C & The Hustler : Get Up (Dave the Hustler remix) (Paparazzi records) 2011 : Lagardère : Pharaoh (Dave The Hustler remix) (Vanina Hanin) 2010 : Detroit Grand Pubahs : White Pigeon feat. DaveThe Hustler (Detelefunk) 2010 : Detroit Grand Pubahs : Breafast in Bed feat. DaveThe Hustler (Detelefunk) 2010 : Detroit Grand PUbahs : Maybe I do (Dave The Hustler remix) (Detelefunk) 2007 : Lad & Dave The Hustler : Era Bulgaris (Num) 2007 : Dave The Hustler & Detroit Grand Pubahs as Filth n' Dirt : Go Ahead (Citizen) 2007 : Dave The Hustler & Detroit Grand Pubahs as Filth n' Dirt : I81U812 (Smoke n’ Mirrors) 2007 : Julien K : Dreamland (In Hustler’s Dream’s remix) 2006 : Kate Wax : Cash on Time (Dave The Hustler remix) (Mental Groove) 2006 : Virgin Tears vs Dave The Hustler : Loud Hailer (Smoke and Mirrors) 2006 : Virgin Tears vs Dave The Hustler : Loud Hailer (Dave The Hustler’s Vintage mix) (Smoke and Mirrors) 2003 Cassy & Dave The Hustler : Her Dream (Mental Groove) Writing, production and additional production : 2005 Felix and Diddy : I'll Jack U"vs I'll House You (Rude Photo) 2004 Felix da Housecat : Watching Cars go by (Emperor Norton) 2001 Felix da Housecat : Silver Screen (Shower Scene) : (London/FFFR) Paparazzi records : 1998 : Evil C & The Hustler : Hackin' The Disco-Tech ‎(12") 1999 : Evil C & The Hustler : Subsonic Filter Fuck ‎(12") 1999 : Evil C & The Hustler Terrasse ‎(12") 2000 : Hustler, The Hacker : Club Honey ‎(12") 2004 : Dave The Hustler : 2 Late 4 Change ‎(12")