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    Daniele Kama thrives in a city steeped in the arts: a city in which multicultural history has presented Rome with a host of artisans who continue to thrive in the modern world. At the forefront of the underground house scene since his debut EP, “Trust It”, hit the decks of the global DJ in 2007, Kama’s musical DNA, coded in the art of improvisation, adaptation and a healthy does of realism, has afforded him the opportunity to flourish in a constantly changing industry. Introduced to the world of music in the shape of electronic music pioneers, Depeche Mode,The Cure and Kraftwerk, in the late 1990s, initial vinyl purchases saw him find favour with the techno genre, honing his skills as emerging technology at the turn of the millennium, proved to be the great equaliser. An accomplished DJ, Kama’s performance skills have translated into the live arena with flawless ease. Appearances across Europe in Belgium, Ibiza and across his Italian homeland – at such clubs as Café D’Anvers, White Club and Altromondo Studio – have played host to his intimate musical knowledge and ability to construct a set according to the symbiotic relationship between DJ and audience, and the shifting energy and tempo of club ambience. In tandem with his undoubted DJ abilities, the production skills paramount to the success of the modern artist are also keenly felt. With over 200 Beatport production credits to his name, Daniele Kama continues to reach the hearts and minds of underground house aficionados with a compelling blend of original productions and high-calibre remixes. Collaborative works with Davide Vario on the track “Finally In” on the renowned Laspus Music and Hollen on “Nameless” for Pressure Records, have been supplemented with a plethora of solo releases for such imprints as Potobolo, Piston,Aella,Time Has Changed and Inmotion Music. Remix duties have seen Kama’s production credentials augmented with work on Prospect, Factomania and Leone Music as he continues to find favour with leading artists and labels. Indeed, with support coming from such hallowed quarters as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Ramon Tapia,Barem,Paco Osuna, and Luca Bacchetti, Daniele Kama can rest assured that his production work is finding its way to the highest echelons of tastemakers in the current underground dance scene. Several thousand social media followers across a variety of platforms tell its own story of Daniele Kama’s popularity and impressive technique. A conviction and passion to produce high-calibre dance music that unites dance floors in rhythmic panache and constantly evolving sound, has seen Kama’s accomplishments consistently gather momentum as success is assured in 2016 and beyond.

    Selected discography

    Time Has Changed,My Little Dog,Aella Music,Stereo Production,Inmotion Music,Brise Records,Chronovision Ibiza,Sanity Records,Factomania,Piston Recordings,Tulipe Records