Claudio Puntin



  • Dedicating myself to any kind of creativity, especially to creative music, gives me the most intense contact to humans and their emotions. Working as a electronic-clarinet-instant-composer, sound inventor, orchestra composer and producer makes me share..
    Claudio Puntin is a createur de musique, a soloist who decides at the moment how to generate music out of emptiness. He draws from the universal range of human hearing, where emotions are and where the versatility of the sound can be shaped into music. From his big variety of musical roots, he has developed a personal musical language with natural access and strong rhythmical approach, including electronica, alternative techniques and self invented instruments. His compositions and productions include works for alternative ensembles, symphonic orchestras, choirs, electronics, soundtracks for radioplays, films, theater and other art forms. His melodic inventiveness on clarinets and electronics is heareable in many filmsoundtracks and his solo performances are impressive examples of instant composing and musical freedom. His most important teacher was master Sergiu Celibidache. Claudio Puntin is considered one of the leading creative soloists on all clarinets His work connected him with artists like Steve Reich, Skuli Sverrisson, Ricardo Villalobos, Samuel Rohrer, Anders Jormin, Hermeto Pascoal, Max Loderbauer, Jan Bang, Fred Frith, Sidsel Endresen, as with ensembles like: Ensemble Modern, Musikfabrik, Philharmonic Orchestras of Amsterdam, Cologne, Munich, Zurich, chamber music ensembles and especially many creative music groups. With his ensembles he has performed at festivals in over 80 countries. His discography consists releases with: ECM, Arjunamusic, Deutsche Grammophon Lit. a.o. He was awarded with the "Golden Amadeus for creative music“, the „WDR-Jazzprize as best Soloist 2004“ and others. He teached 15 years at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, the University of Arts in Berlin and gives international Masterclasses. He is working on a re;opera project. His main band project at the moment ist the trio „Ambiq“ with Max Loderbauer and Samuel Rohrer. He runs a workingspace and studio for creative music in Berlin.

    Selected discography

    AMBIQ 2 on arjunamusic, w. Max Loderbauer and Samuel Rohrer AMBIQ on arjunamusic, w. Max Loderbauer and Samuel Rohrer AMBIQ remixed by Ricardo Villalobos and Tobias. on arjunamusic AMBIQ 2 remixed by Thomas Fehlmann and Margarete Dygas on arjunamusic YLIR on ECM POST SCRIPTUM on ECM with Wolfert Brederode stet EAST on Unit