Brian Morse



  • Communicating through music is Brian Morse’s preferred method. Co-founder of NYC-based Cahoots Records and one-half of Wreal alongside Jon Billick, Morse has released on labels such as Nervous Records, Criminal Hype and Laboratory Records.

    Selected discography

    Die Grote - Cool (Brian Morse Remix) [Criminal Hype] Markus Quittner - Delighted (Wreal Remix) [Hoover the House] Raw Underground - All I Want (Brian Morse Remix) [Frigo Vide Records] Morse & Anderson - Give It Up [Nervous Records] Brian Morse - Wonder [Laboratory Records] Brian Morse - Without Your Love EP [Criminal Hype] Jon Billick - Countdown (Brian Morse Remix) [Tempura Records] Wreal - Bunker EP [Laboratory Records] Sunshine Jones - The Sky is Full of Stars (Brian Morse Remix) [Cosmic Disco Records] Rishi K. - Perfect Mistake (Brian Morse Remix) [Cosmic Disco Records] Lonely Boy - Love Wanted (Brian Morse Remix) [Dance:Revolt Recordings] Appa Glas - Sunrise Collective (Brian Morse Remix) [Shelving Music]