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    3 hours left till sunset. Sweat-soaked, hollow-cheeked disciples of the moment moving like synchronized machines to the rhythm of the everlasting 1-2-3-4. The bassdrum is stoically kicking, some percussion are clacking hollowly and between the sounds there is a synthetical bleeping. We find ourselves on the climax of the digital age, at some rave... The beat seems to last forever but the inner emptiness is constantly growing and growing. And suddenly..., a strange glow..., music..., life in eternal ice. BENNA has entered the decks and suddenly the sound temperature changes. Beats transform into heartbeats. In everyones inner self a warm shimmer forms and formerly lost and empty ravers start to reform into living creatures. As legend has it, once a young raver girl even melt away during one of his sets. There she lay as a self-sufficient puddle beneath the dancefloor reflecting the sky ... Far from any kind of randomness he fills the room with intensity and with his special grasp for the moment he seizes control over crowds, drives them to distraction, dragging them to the afterhour and back. At the internationally renowned Harry Klein Club he has been resident since the very beginning after having played some irregular but rather sensational gigs at its predecessor, the legendary Ultraschall. From the sets he played in Munich, he soon acknowledged international reputation as an exceptionally gifted turntablist, which resulted in gigs at Europes major clubs. He got portrayed as an up-and-coming talent by Groove Magazine in 2008 and the announcement of his own productions in addition to his eclectic DJing is about to become realized. Good god!