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  • Bebe is a DJ/Producer/Label boss/Creator of the world recognized brand and award winning event series Breaks Yo! He is also a world champion B-Boy, Bebe brings a dancers mentality to his selections and production.
    Bebe is an internationally acclaimed B-boy who has actualized his talent in 26 countries. He has been the recipient of numerous championships and titles including breakdancing’s highest honor the prestigious Spy Award. He also founded the legendary Ground Zero Crew (Miami's most notorious B-Boy’s). He‘s been body rocking to breakbeats since ‘94 and he applies the same B-boy approach to his DJing. His simple rule of only rocking beats that make him want to break it down has proved a winning formula on dance floors both at home in the states and in countries such as Russia, Spain, Japan and Puerto Rico. Bebe has blessed events such as Burning Man, In Beat We Trust (RU), Halloween Festival(SP), Earth Dance, Hot Cakes and Stanton Sessions with his booty poppin’ beats. He has shared stages with the likes of 2 Live Crew, Stanton Warriors, Freestylers, FreQ Nasty, Deekline, and many more. He also runs the successful monthly event series Breaks Yo! in Miami that consistently sees packed dance floors and internationally respected talent. 2016 was a big year for Bebe as he expanded the Breaks Yo! brand into a digital label achieving success in the charts including his Beatport top 10 hits "Im Ready" and "Believed You" the brand is poised to become a driving force in bass music. His tunes have garnered support from breakbeat royalty including DJ Icey and Lady Waks. If you have not seen Bebe live prepare yourself for serious breakdowns, double drops and high energy bass that will keep your body grooving like no other!

    Selected discography

    ARTIST: Agent K, Bebe TITLE: Tell Me (Original MiX) RELEASE DATE: 2015-02-23 LABEL: Digital Records CATALOG: DR480 ARTIST: Agent K, Bebe TITLE: Let It All Out (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2015-05-11 LABEL: Digital Records CATALOG: DR489 ARTIST: Bebe TITLE: Fatality (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2016-01-11 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY001 ARTIST: Bebe TITLE: Feel Me (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2016-02-11 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY002 ARTIST: Bebe TITLE: Freak U (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2016-03-11 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY003 ARTIST: Bebe TITLE: Party Like We Do (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2016-04-18 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY004 ARTIST: Bebe, Boo Rok TITLE: Get Outta Here (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2016-05-31 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY006 ARTIST: Bebe TITLE: Im Ready (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2016-06-20 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY007 ARTIST: Bebe TITLE: Come On Baby (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2016-08-22 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY008 ARTIST: Bebe, Dpart TITLE: Bad Bitches (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2016-10-31 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY009 ARTIST: Colombo TITLE: Forever West (Bebe, Dpart Remix) RELEASE DATE: 2017-04-03 LABEL: Funky Flavor Music CATALOG: FFM058 ARTIST: Bebe, Dpart TITLE: Make It So Good (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2017-07-17 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY012 ARTIST: Bebe TITLE: Funk So Pretty (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2017-09-11 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY013 ARTIST: Bebe TITLE: Believed You (Original Mix) RELEASE DATE: 2017-10-30 LABEL: Breaks Yo! CATALOG: BY016