• Autodeep is the project of long time friends and partners Hagen Pfennigstorf and Ulli Hammann with releases on labels like Dikso, Urban Torque, Peppermint Jam, Centric Music, Hell Yeah, Galaktika Rec., Trapez and many more. With a sound quite hard to p..
    Whether it's House, Techno, Disco or walking the fine lines between these three - the Hannover-based duo nails it in the studio as well as in the dj booth combining classic dj ethics with a futuristic a approach to both music and technology. Born in the late 70's with musical roots in Germany's early 90' rave & club scene the two long-time-friends and business partners spent some serious time 'on the scene' putting together various projects from label work and event management to spinning records and music production. But it wasn't until late 2010 that they finally started making music together and the auto deep project was born. With Autodeep they are bringing their very own vision of modern house and disco sounds with a classic electronic twist to the table. The Autodeep sound ranges from slower, dubby disco explorations to floor-friendly underground house and tech grooves. Generally they don‘t tie themselves to ,just one sound‘ or style as they always try to celebrate their love for versatility in music and expression. The result: Stunning DJ performances with a unique track selection and, most importantly, smiling faces on the dance floor going mental to music they never heard before or haven't heard in a long time. So far their releases constantly gained support by the likes of Tensnake, Trickski, dOP, The Revenge/Ooft!, Peter Kruder, Brother's Vibe, Ian Pooley, Bill Brewster, Tony Humphries, Ashley Beedle, Faze Action, Afrilounge, Brendon Moeller, The Timewriter, Ekkohaus and Roberto Rodriguez just to name a few. 2010 saw even more hot vinyl and digital releases ranging from Disco to Techno on labels like Hell Yeah, 2600 Records and Etoka Shapes plus high profile remix jobs for the recent Mark Henning and Deepchild releases on the legendary german Trapez imprint aswell as a rework of Jay Tripwire's „Saxtronik“ on Miami‘s Dutchie Music label. Meanwhile Ulli also maintains some sort of mysterious solo project focussing on straight Dub Techno. His first release on the obscure german vinyl only-label Giegling instantly made it to the dj charts of heavyweights like Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann, Levon Vincent, Manuel Tur, Alex Flitsch, Dario Zenker and many more! 2011 and 2012 the boys took further steps forward with hot releases on Daniel Solar & Andi Deluxe‘s Dikso label, UK‘s Urban Torque and Centric Music, Umalu Rec. from Miami, Scope‘s new venture Seven Music, Mousse T‘s Peppermint Jam Rec., Chicago's legendary Large Music and many more! With recent releases like the "Virgin Killer EP" featuring the vocal goodness of australian-gone-Berliner Deepchild and Eddie C on remix duties, a super hot remix of their seminal 2011 classic "Make You MIne" courtey of Wolf Music's KRL and even more musical hotness up their sleeves 2013 is set to be another great year for autodeep. So better be prepared for even more hot funk from these guys straight outta Germany!

    Selected discography

    Autodeep feat. Bajka - "Freedom Dove" incl. Rmxs by Ripperton & more (Peppermint Jam) Autodeep feat. Deepchild - "Virgin Killer EP" w/ Eddie C Rmx (Seven Music) Scope feat. Autodeep - "Won't Be Long" (Large Music) Autodeep - "Make You Mine (KRL Remix)" (Dikso) Wollion & Dualton - "Undisputed (Autodeep Remix)" (Peppermint Jam) Autodeep - "Voices In Our Head" (Sccucci Manucci) Autodeep - "Boogie Wasteland EP" (Simposio Prod.) South West Seven - "What We Do (Autodeep Remix)" (Seven Music) Autodeep - "Set Me Free" (Peppermint Jam) Autodeep - "For Too Long EP" incl. Toomy Disco & Southwestseven Rmxs (Umalu Rec.) Jazzy Eyewear - "The Renaissance (Autodeep Remix)" (Umalu Rec.) Ferry Ultra feat. Gwen McCrae - "Happy" (Peppermint Jam) Autodeep - "Colourful Loving EP" (Urbantorque) Stephen Rigmaiden - "In The Drums (Autodeep Remix)" Autodeep feat. Romorri - "Make You Mine" (Dikso) Mark Henning - "La Galaxia Llorona" (Trapez Ltd) Jay Tripwire "Saxtronik" w/ Autodeep Remix (Dutchie Music) Deepchild - "Fireâ" w/ Autodeep Remix (Trapez) Autodeep - "Rose On The Concreteâ" w/ Cosmic Cowboys & Mr. Statik Rmxs (Etoka Shapes) Mike Maze - "The Path (Autodeep Remix)" (Progcity Deep Trax) Autodeep - "Autodeep EP" (2600 Rec. / Night Drive Music) - 03/10 Autodeep - "Trick Mode EP" w/ Till Von Sein Rmx (Galaktika Rec.) - 11/09