• Autechre is an English IDM group consisting of Rob Brown and Sean Booth signed with Warp Records.
    Formed in 1987 when both members lived in Rochdale, Autechre began their career making and trading mixtapes but gradually moved on to their own compositions,[1] while collecting equipment. Autechre has also recorded under various pseudonyms, possibly as a way of escaping from the attentions of the media and the obsessive Autechre fanbase. One of the duo's earliest recordings was a 12" under the Lego Feet moniker released in 1991 on Skam Records. Various Gescom releases, most on Skam, have been attributed to Booth and Brown, among other artists. Autechre helped initiate the music festival All Tomorrow's Parties in 2000 and was responsible for curating the 2003 festival. Much of Autechre's music has a strong focus on complex rhythm and driving percussion, and more recently, on meticulous sequencing. Later work has been notably experimental and abstract, in contrast to the more club-friendly and conventional early 1990s releases.

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