Andrea Biana



  • Born in 1990, Andrea Biana is a resident dj and a collaborator of HUND, in Italy.
    Born in 1990, Andrea Biana is a resident dj and a collaborator of HUND, in Italy. He had, since when he was a child, a strong passion for music, pop in a first time, then dance and house. Growing up, thanks to the influence of some figures, he discovered techno and his true love for electronic music started, dedicating himself exclusively to it. Began to frequent underground clubs he finally know the tech-house music that fuses the simplicity of techno groove with warm and wrapping sounds that characterizes house music. Although he always had this strong passion Andrea never thought to devote himself to the art of DJing, until 2008 when the passion prevailed being able to get noticed by some person who included him on some events in the area. The following season HUND was born and Biana immediately wanted to be part of this well established group of Vicenza in the underground scene, promoting and participating in events of national prestige. By the time Biana learned to perfect himself in the tecnique, but especially in the selection maded of music characterized by a sound quite essential that, in addition to a high-pitched sound and engaging, a considerable amount of drums and sounds from the world of deep house. Biana, young and talented dj into the techno-house scene, immediately demonstrated his great qualities, giving life to brilliant DJ sets by pop "the spark" even in the most adverse dancefloor. The djsets from Andrea, however, are not composed entirely of tracks customized for him, this prompted him to begin the journey of the producer.