• Berlin-based DJ, Producer, Co-founder of Seeqnc music detection, notification services and playlist reporting.
    AlBird is a Berlin-based DJ and producer. With impressive releases on labels like Richie Hawtin''s Plus 8, Frequenza, Set About, Panterre Musique, Ballroom Records, Gain Records, Stick Recordings, BluFin and many more and gigs all across Europe plus tours in South East Asia. -- Albert is co-founder of the rising start-up 'seeqnc' which is a music recognition platform focused mainly on the electronic music scene, notifying artists and producers when their music is being played live in real time. Due to the effects of Covid-19 seeqnc focused on the live-streaming sector building live track ID widgets and a Twitch extension and also partnered up with Beatport. -- Since 2015 he hosts his own radioshow/podcast series the "Eagle Sessions" The show is aired on roundabout 150 radiostations worldwide and streamed on all major platforms reaching an audience of more than 100.000 per week. With already more than 200 episodes in the books he achieved to invite artists like Ninetoes, Martin Eyerer, Luigi Rocca, Oscar L, Stefano Noferini, Aitor Ronda, D-Formation, Boris, Carlo Ruetz, Miguel Bastida, Chus & Ceballos and many more, to play on his show! -- From 2018-2020 he was A&R and Label Manager of Ballroom Records, Ballroom Black and Ballroom Purple.

    Selected discography

    Christian Hornbostel, Richie Hawtin - Sensor (AlBird Remix) - Plus 8 Remix for Simina Grigoriu & BB Deng on Kuukou Records AlBird - Humming Bird EP - Jannowitz Records AlBird - Kestrel EP - Ballroom Records AlBird - Anhinga EP - Panterre Musique Davide Negro - Damnatio Memoriae (AlBird Remix) - Neuhain Ben Champell, Nana K - Rapid Zone (AlBird Remix) - BluFin Kaiser Souzai - Kaprun Days (AlBird Remix) - Ballroom Records Christian Hornbostel - Sensor (AlBird Remix) - Ballroom Records Tom Wax, Rummy Sharma - Flibustein (AlBird Remix) - Gain Records Kaiser Souzai, AlBird - Daedalos (Original Mix) - Set About AlBird - Rauchschwalbe (Original Mix) - Ballroom Records Del Horno - Everyday (AlBird Remix) - Stick Recordings KUSP (UK) - Arena (AlBird Remix) - Sonusfield Wings EP - Natura Viva Black Mauersegler - Ballroom Records