Adis Abbé



  • Chunky synths serve as beams in the house of Adis Abbé, surrounded by a garden of lush laidback disco, overlooking the shores of italo and indie, under the iridescent blue sky dotted with rare leftfield edits unearthed from Japan to Italy.
    Having played locally and in surrounding countries alongside artists such as Khidja, Bufiman, Studio Barnhus acts, and Byron the Aquarius, he started venturing beyond his usual Central European habitat earlier this year with a tour of Asia where he played at Shanghai’s Electric Circus, then took Hanoi's Savage and Kuala Lumpur's Pisco Bar for a spin. The consequences speak for themselves, as he was invited to support San Proper at a local Electronic Beats party earlier this summer. The mind behind the soulful sound of Adis is Andris Kurucz, a household name of the Budapest club and open air scene. While helming residencies at LÄRM and Toldi Klub, he is also proactive in the outdoor scene as founder of the Santsat series and as curator of Kolorádó Festival