• Her legendary live shows took her once around the world and back before her first album "Blondie" was featured in the top 10 of The New York Times best pop albums of 2004. Her second album “Meine zarten Pfoten” was released on DJ Koze’s Pampa Records
    In 2004 her debut album “Blondie” became a mega success. From De:Bug to the New York Times, the critics were over the moon. It was to take six long years until the next album. Six years filled with brilliant co-operations, expressive remixes (such as “Grand Canyon” for Tracey Thorn from Everything But The Girl – released on her compilation CD “Adaptations – Mixtape #1” on Kompakt), and various singles. In addition, she has been keeping the “Cologne style” flag flying with the magnificent group “Cologne Tape” since 2009. Her legendary live shows took her once around the world and back again before her new album “Meine zarten Pfoten” was released on DJ Koze’s label Pampa Records in 2011. Hamburg concert hall tycoon and star author Tino Hanekamp writes: “In the broadest sense of the word, it’s pop. But ultimately it’s music that exudes so much warmth and tranquillity that it puts even the greatest bundle of nerves into a state of ultra-fine-tuned receptiveness.”

    Selected discography

    Releases: 2002 Blindhouse/Luckycharm (Areal) 2003 Believer/Arriba Amoeba (Areal) 2004 Lovelace...and more (Areal) 2004 Rabimmel Rabammel Rabum bum bum (Areal) 2004 Wheeler-Dealer (Cocoon) 2004 Blondie (Areal) 2005 Blondix 1 (Areal) 2005 Blondix 2 (Areal) 2005 2Rabimmel 2Rabammel 2Rabum 2bum bum (Areal) 2005 I love Asphalt (Areal) 2006 Call the tune (Areal) 2007 Hensel & Damsel (Cereal/Killers) 2007 Fizzmann (Areal) 2008 Himmelunaed/ Ada & Dee Pulse (Areal) 2008 Forty Winks (IRR) 2009 Lovestoned featl. Raz Ohara (Kompakt) 2009 Mixtape # 1 – Adaptations (Kompakt) 2010 Cologne Tape - Render (Magazine) 2011 Meine zarten Pfoten (Pampa) 2011 Likely/Faith - Dj Koze Remix (Pampa) 2011 Me And The Three/Robotica (Areal) 2012 Every Dog Has Its Night (AR) 2013 Paws I (Areal) 2013 Homesick/Dj Koze feat. Ada (Pampa) 2014 DAMH - Black Night (Kompakt) 2016 You And Me (Pampa Records) Remixes: Basteroid - Against Luftwiderstand (Areal) Stella - Dreams (L’age D’Or) Stefan Schrom - I feel for you (Boxer Recordings) Gringo Grinder - Dirty Deeds (Onitor) Booka Shade - Vertigo/Cha! (Get Physical Music) Kiki - So easy to forget (Bpitch Control) Rhythm King And Her Friends - I am Disco (Kitty Yo) Brant feat. Mr. Roper - Last nite I dreamt (Scheinselbständig) International Pony - Our House (Columbia/Sony BMG Music) Alex Smoke - Never want to see you again (Soma) Andi Teichmann - Tape (Festplatten) Metope - Cpu-Circus/I’m so ready (Areal) Baxendale - Music for girls (Scheinselbständig) Tracey Thorn - Grand Canyon (Virgin) Basteroid - Jacktales (Areal) Cherry - The world waits (Fourt:Twenty Recordings) Dave DK - Cinema Paraiso (Mood Music) Von Spar - Soarex (IRR) HRDVSION - I can't Exist (IRR) Gus Gus - Hateful/Ada feat. Mayburg (Kompakt) Popnoname - 2012 (Plaza In Crowd) Audision - Phase Flow/Ada & T. Thomas (Kontor) Benjamin Brunn - My Heart (IRR) Station 17 - Boogie Boogie Baka (Ada & T. Thomas (17rec) Metope - Second Skin (Sender) Metope - Blood River (Areal) Owen Pallett - Song For 5 & 6 (Domino) Alex Barck - Doubter (Sonar Kollektiv) Notwist - Run Run Run (City Slang) Aaron Ahrends - Newborn (&music) El Txef A - Every Day Is Blue Monday (Fiakun) Tocotronic - Rebel Boy (Universal) Harald Björk - Sabor De Ada (Kranglan Broadcast) Kid Simius - Living It Up (Jirafa Records)