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  • KPD - brand new cultural space in St. Petersburg, locate in 2 floors of former boiler house of Siemens & Halske manufacturing. Building is architecture historical monument 1879 year built. At the moment Factory territory is converting to city public space “Port Sevcable” (http://sevcableport.ru/) with a lot of activities. KPD - is a part of this project. KPD is new project by Tekstil Music team, well known from Dot Club, Tekstil Video Podcast, Bubble Bar on Kazantip festival in Popovka and Tekstil Night events. From 2010 we brought such artists as Sigha, Shifted, Untold, Ryan Elliott, Dj Spider, Amir Alexander, Hakim Murphy, Eduardo De La Calle, Edit Sellect, Mike Dehnert, Andres Zacco, Inland, Flug, Skudge, Randomer, Kowton, Andre Kroenert, Monasterio, GOST Zvuk, POIMA, Guy Gerber, Konrad Black, Daniel Bortz, Subb-An, Dirt Crew, Martin Landsky, Gorge, Jimpster, David K. KPD - in russian means efficiency indicator. Our conception is "Cultural Efficiency". We are like a multiformat art space, nightclub, concert hall - is a cultural filter, that creating and giving life for untraditional and fresh art processes in Russia. We should make them viable and well-known in our space.



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